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Monterey, California (November 18, 2013) – iResult, LLC, the start-up venture that introduced the nation’s first solution for community-centered education reform, was chosen by a panel of judges to participate in the EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit on November 2nd, where it presented its Impact Management Solution to more than 600 education and non-profit leaders attending the event.

The summit was launched this year to provide educators and edutech companies a forum to dialogue and exchange ideas.  During the event, leaders reviewed a collection of 30 edutech solutions—all designed to support students and administrators in the changing world of education.

At the summit, iResult unveiled its philosophy for community-centered education reform, demonstrated its management application for school districts and non-profits, and reviewed its case study results.  The EdSurge survey, which captured participants’ impressions, revealed a high level of interest in a solution focused on elevating student results:

  • 89% of educators surveyed said iResult was useful
  • 85% said they would recommend it to a colleague
  • 73% said they would pay for the product
  • 73% said they would use the product regularly

On the survey, one educator commented that by using iResult, education leaders are able to, “See where the strengths and weaknesses are.  It’s easy to use.  Something like this is worth paying for because of the ultimate benefits for students and their academic achievement.”

Prior to launch, iResult spent three years co-innovating with educators to develop and pilot its solution. In the first twelve months of beta operation, a turnaround high school doubled the number of seniors attending a four-year college. “At iResult, our goal has always been to provide leaders in education with technology tools to dramatically improve student results.  The summit proved to us that school district and non-profit leaders are interested in new ways to measure their results and prove their programs are working,” said Dawn Verdick, Founder & CEO of iResult, LLC.

iResult continues to grow by serving school districts in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Tennessee.

About iResult, LLC

iResult, LLC is a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to youth success. iResult has developed the first Impact Management Solution for elevating the readiness of America’s Youth for college and career.  A student’s success in school and in life can be impacted by personal, academic, social challenges.  We are the first to align schools, non-profits, and community leaders to address these Whole Student needs.  Our turnaround-school beta site shows that when these needs are addressed simultaneously, schools can double the number of students attending a 4-year college within one school year.  While other edutech companies have dramatically improved learning in the classroom, the Whole Student needs of America’s youth have remained unaddressed.  iResult is the first to empower schools, non-profits, and communities to address Whole Student needs and collectively impact each student’s results.   Our Impact Management Platform enables Whole Student insights, collective action, concurrent interventions and correlation of programs to results.

Click here for a video of iResult’s EdSurge Presentation

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