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Every superintendent wants their team to be the most informed people in the school district.


Connect to the data you need.

As Superintendent, you need data from every far-flung corner of your school district. But your data lives in multiple sources, making data analysis cumbersome and difficult. iResult connects to all of these disparate data sources and provides the information you need, turning data into insight and actionable information.

Bring it all together.

If you’re like most Superintendents, you’re working from multiple reports, trying to understand what’s happening in your schools—and what to do about it. While you may be on top of every detail, it’s challenging to remember all of this information. With iResult, you can easily see all the metrics that matter to you and engage your team in data-driven conversations on your personalized Superintendent dashboard.

Attendance 90 Percent

Average Scores 80 Percent

Tardies 10 Percent

Measure your impact.

Whether you’re looking at micro, macro, formative or summative data, iResult helps you answer the following questions:

  • Are our students learning?
  • Are we meeting our goals?
  • Which sites should I visit today based on their data?
  • How much are we spending per student on interventions and programs?
  • Are our interventions or programs yielding our intended results?
  • Is my chronic absence rate increasing, decreasing or staying constant?
  • And many more…

See how iResult turns data into insight.

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