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Use data to turn your school into a well-oiled machine.


Connect to the data you need.

Principals have data everywhere—student information systems, data & assessment systems, blended learning systems, student sign-in sheets and beyond. That makes data hard to access and even harder to use. iResult makes data simple by connecting to any source of data and giving you direct access to the information you need.

Bring it all together.

Once iResult connects to your data, it brings it all into a single platform. Need to see how your programs are working? How about how your interventions are creating results? iResult allows you to combine data from multiple sources into a single dashboard so you can make informed decisions, faster. In addition, iResult allows you to engage your team in data-driven conversations so you can take immediate action without sending a single email.



Student Proficiency

Measure your impact.

Whether you’re looking at macro, micro, formative or summative data, iResult helps you see what matters to you:

  • Are our students learning?
  • Are we meeting our goals?
  • Which students need our attention today?
  • Are our programs and interventions working?
  • Is my chronic absence rate increasing, decreasing or staying constant?
  • Which students require positive behavior interventions?
  • And many more…

See how iResult can help you see the big picture

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