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Turn the data you have into the information you need. iResult delivers.


Connect to the data you need.

As a curriculum & instruction administrator, you have data everywhere—spreadsheets, student information systems, data & assessment systems, blended learning systems and beyond. That makes it hard to access the information you need, and even harder to make sense of it all. iResult solves that problem by connecting directly to all your sources of academic data, so you can have the data you require, right at your fingertips.

Bring it all together.

When you pull assessments, student engagement and coursemark data into iResult, it’s easy to close the loop on your academic initiatives. Track interventions from goal-setting to measuring results. Information that would typically take hours to cobble together is delivered in an automated, real-time dashboard. Instead of setting up meetings, engage your team in data-driven conversations so you can take immediate action without sending a single email.

Site Goals 90 Percent

Spending Per Student 60 Percent

Proficiency 85 Percent

Measure your impact.

Whether you’re looking at micro, macro, formative or summative data, iResult helps you answer the following questions:

  • Are our students learning?
  • Are we meeting our goals?
  • Which sites should I visit today based on their data?
  • How much are we spending per student on interventions and programs?
  • Are our interventions or programs yielding our intended results?
  • Is student academic performance improving over time?
  • And many more…

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