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“At iResult, we bring a school district’s data and its people together in one hub.
Our vision is that every school leader is empowered to solve the issues they face, inspired to share these solutions with their peers and emboldened to lead and drive change.”

-Dawn Verdick, Founder & CEO

We created iResult to solve one problem—making data more accessible to education leaders. Through clear visualizations, we make it possible for anyone in a school district to operate on real, actionable information from a single source of truth. Through social features, we make it possible for professionals to connect with each other and drive data discussions in real-time. Four years ago, we were asked by our local school district’s Superintendent to actively embed ourselves within the school district to find out what school leadership needed in order to thrive. Working side by side with Administrators and Principals, we applied our business experience and data expertise to develop a solution specifically designed for site and district leaders.

We realized that while edu-tech companies have dramatically improved learning in the classroom, District Administrators, Principals and Board Leadership lack solutions that can gives them a single point of access to the multiple systems they already use and the ability to gain insight and intelligence from the data collected in these multiple systems. We created a solution to this problem and the result is iResult.

Meet our innovation team.

Meet the team that makes iResult possible, day in and day out.
Our team brings diverse experiences to the world of education, including corporate turnarounds,
strategic consulting, investment banking, business intelligence and education leadership.

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Nina Rosete; Fred Chow; Marilyn Shepherd; Catherine Hendrick; Olga Anisimov;