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Use data to create amazing community partnerships.


Connect to the data you need.

Service providers help students everyday, but precious data related to services rendered are often neglected. iResult helps school districts by collecting data from support services—from after-school programs and college readiness programs to mentoring and student advocacy groups. But iResult helps service providers too—by giving them access to data so they can measure the impact of their programs on student results.

Bring it all together.

Once iResult connects to your service provider data, it’s all accessible from one convenient location. In iResult, you can combine that data to get a complete picture of your students’ progress, and measure your ability to effectively service your students’ needs. Gone are the hours spent sharing excel spreadsheets via email or waiting for data to complete your grant report. With iResult, the data you need to make informed decisions is always right at your fingertips.

Student Participation 74 Percent

Parents Participation 85 Percent

Academic Achievement 70 Percent

Measure your impact.

Whether you’re looking at formative or summative data, iResult helps you see what matters to you:

  • What services are our community partners providing?
  • Are our students participating in services provided by our community partners?
  • What is the impact of services provided by our community partners?
  • How do services impact academic performance?
  • If you are a funder or a foundation: is my investment having a positive impact on the school?
  • If you are a community program: is our service creating creating results?
  • And many more…

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